Three Hacks To Help You Achieve This Year’s Goals By August!

3 hacks to help you achieve this year's goals by august. To achieve your goals, it takes 3 things, time, effort and grit. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you plan to achieve. Billionaire Richard Branson or your average John Doe, both have to put in these resources to make progress. The only difference is the efficiency with which both invest into their goals. To improve on this front, follow me through these 3 shortcuts which successful people around the world use to maximise their impact.

1. Habits

Habits are a very efficient way to transform our lives. In short, they lift some weight off our shoulders. With habits, we can automate routines freeing up our minds to focus on working towards our goals. The beauty of habits is that they only have the initial fix cost of starting. Afterwards, the variable costs in terms of willpower are close to zero as it is easy to maintain a habit.

Take a second to think about all the habits already incorporated in your life like brushing your teeth or checking Facebook every morning. Now, imagine learning a new language day by day with the same ease as fetching updates in your social networks.

For starting a habit, I recommend learning from the pros to reduce effort. Resources I found help are:

- James Clear, start with his Habit-Guide (Click)

- This book by Pulitzer reporter Charles Duhigg (Click)

- This small guideline on 99u (Click)

Personally, I can’t recommend most of the internet articles on “How to start a habit” since their advice and tricks mostly originate from the sources above or are simply not true.

Building habits take some time, but they offer enormous benefits. For a quicker change, which you could incorporate today read the following paragraph regarding stress management:

2. Stress Management

Three out of four Americans recently reported that they experience stress symptoms multiple times a week (Source). As this covers the vast majority of our population, it is likely that you, same as me, are also suffering from stress, regularly. What helped me consistently are these two things.

- The first one won’t surprise you, as it picked up a lot of publicity during the last years. It’s guided meditation. Easily accessible with smartphone apps like Calm (Click) or Headspace (Click) success stories are available almost on every site.

As this topic is widely discussed, I want to shine some light on the less known and easier alternative. Something I’ve stumbled upon just recently through a small blog my girlfriend showed me.

- It’s Wing Wave. This method is a solution for moments of intense stress. During these, the two brain hemispheres aren’t cooperating optimally. With their free app, you can play particular sound melodies which help your brain hemispheres get back into sync. Their complete coaching focuses on a lot more details and has quite the price tag, but fortunately, the app alone already helps a lot in stress situations. You can find more information here (Click).

The last hack resolves around visualising and anchoring your goals to have them present during your day to day live. Let me explain.

3. Visualise and anchor your goals!

Now we’ve got something against stress, and we’ve got something to pick up new routines. What is missing, in my opinion, is a trick for actually working towards your goals. What I have discovered is that most of the time, in our day to day lives we don’t find enough time to work on our long-term goals, our passion or the mission we seek for. This can have two reasons. First, we may not be entirely sure of what we actually want to achieve, do or create in our lives. The other reason can be that we simply don’t think about our big, ambitious goals often enough during the weekly stress. I can recall a few months in the last year where I asked myself afterwards why I didn’t do anything to get a step closer. The truth was, I was so caught up in daily tasks and events that I had forgotten.

Luckily I’ve found a solution. With a few tricks, everybody can visualise their goals and ambitions. You can even anchor them to something you wear every day to remind yourself. That’s what we’ve done with our Alium watches, each one comes with our program to visualise your goals and anchor these to your wrist watch, so you’ll never forget about them in your daily routines.

As with every article, feel free to cherry pick your favourite solutions. Of course, if you’re serious about achieving your goals, which I guess you are, given that you’ve just read an article on this topic, then head over to our store (Click) and grab one of our modern timepieces as each one includes the personal coaching program on goals and motivation which our team of expert trainers has created. If you don’t feel like spending money enter our raffle below to win one of our premium models!

Until next time,
Joshua (Founder & CEO of Alium Wrist Wear)

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